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Tulsi Amma

Tulsi Amma

Of all the disciples of Bhagawan Nityananda, Tulsi Amma of Ananda Math, Manna Gudda, Mangalore, was a class apart. Bhagawan Nityananda himself declared her to be "One who has seen the Sun," meaning that she had realized the eternal Bliss of the Absolute, that she had gone across.

It is Tulsi Amma who recorded Bhagawan Nityananda's words whenever he spoke while in deep trance. These utterances were complied in a book called the Chidakasha Gita. The name "Chidakasha Gita" was approved by Bade Baba and the book was originally written in Kanada. It is because of Tulsi Amma that we have the teachings of Bhagawan Nityananda available to us.

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Watch the video, Song of Praise, written by Tulsi Amma and rendered by Shri Shivananda Kamath.

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