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Om Nityananda Om Bhagawan, Om Parabrahma Nityananda.
Hail to Bhagawan Nityananda, the Eternal Bliss of the Absolute. We take refuge in that Nityananda who is one with the formless Absolute.

Feel free to play this chant, Om Parabrahma Nityananda, as sung by the Bhaktas devoted to Shri Nityananda, while viewing this page. Use the controller below. The chant will continue to play until you stop it or move to another page.
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Part One.

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Part Two with Drum.

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Bhagawan Nityananda's birthplace
The place in the Quilandy jungle (the covered area)
where Bade Baba was found upon His arrival on Earth.
Photo courtesy of Rob Marvin.

Shankar Teertha Swami offering puja to Bhagawan Nityananda
Shankar Teertha Swami waving the tray of sandalwood paste in offering to Bade Baba.
Bhagawan Nityananda placed both his hands in this sandalwood paste which was later
fashioned into a pair of Guru's sandals and placed in the Nath Mandir, a temple Bade
Baba built near Ganeshpuri village that also contains the Mahasamadhi shrines of
Machendranath and Gorakshanath.

Janananda Baba massaging Bhagawan Nityananda's feet
Janananda Swami massaging Bhagawan Nityananda's feet and legs.

Bhagawan Nityananda temple in Quilandy
A small temple to Bhagawan Nityananda in Quilandy near his birthplace.

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