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The stories and eyewitness accounts of Bhagawan Nityananda's leelas and miracles have been shared with us by the following people and organizations, whom we want to warmly acknowledge:

P.V. Ravindran
Professor Shivananda Kamath
Dr. Gopalkrishna Shenoy
Swami Nityananda Ashram Public Trust of Kanhangad, Kerala, India
Sadguru Kedarji
Lakshmi Satya Devi, web site design.

Photo Credits/Special Thanks: Some pictures of Bhagawan Nityananda have been posted here with permission of Niranjan Suvarna, son of M.D. Suvarna. Other pictures have been provided by David Christie, former photography assistant to M.D. Suvarna and Rob Marvin, a devotee of Bhagawan Nityananda. Pictures are for viewing at this website only. Feel free to tell your friends and family to view them here.

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